How to enforce your rights

Participate in School Governing Bodies (SGBs)

Section 16 of SASA deals with governance and management of public schools. It specifically provides that:
"(1) ... the governance of every public school is vested in its governing body...."

According to SASA a SGB should be composed of:

  • Elected members, including parents of learners at the school, educators and learners
  • The principal
  • Co-opted members who can include ordinary members of the community.

S. 20 and 21 of SASA deals with the functions of governing bodies. S. 21 says that a governing body may apply in writing to the Provincial Head of the Department of Basic Education to be allocated any of the following functions:

     a)  To maintain and improve the school’s property, and buildings and grounds occupied by the school, including school hostels, if applicable;
     b)  To determine the extra-mural curriculum of the school and the choice of subject options in terms of provincial curriculum policy;
     c)  To purchase textbooks, educational materials or equipment for the school;
     d)  To pay for services to the school;
     e)  To provide an adult basic education and training class or centre subject to any applicable law; or
     f)  Other functions consistent with this Act and any applicable provincial law.